Pinnacle Dazzle TV Hybrid USB (Watch TV on PC)

Dazzle TV Hybrid USB Stick

Watch or Record TV channel in Laptop or Dekstop (PC). Package come with Antenna. Can connect with your home TV antenna too.

* Enjoy watching TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7, 8tv, TV9 in Laptop or Dekstop anywhere!

Product Features and Technical Details

Product Features

* Portable USB 2.0 device with rod antenna included
* Watch and TimeShift digital terrestrial and analogue TV (cable or antenna)
* Direct-to-DVD or hard drive recording
* Teletext and Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)
* AutoPowerOFF after finished recordings
* Digital and Internet radio
* Record video files compatible with Sony PSP or Apple iPod
* Record directly in DivX format

Package Come with

- Dazzle TV Hybrid Stick

- Antenna

- Manual Book

- Installation Disc (Compatible with Windows XP,Windows Vista and Windows 7)

100% NEW,100% Working Condition and this package market price is about RM380

Selling at RM100 only


SMS 016-9015000 if interested

Mohd Adha Mohd Zain

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